Perfect Wedding in Bali

By: Felicia Amelia

Like the name, Island of God, Bali will provide you the most beautiful and heavenly wedding you ever dreamed for. With right planning, budgeting and event, your best day will be like a dream comes true. So here is something you need to know about perfect wedding in Bali.

Realistic Wedding Budget

Make a list of budget will be a great help for the smoothness of the event. By plan every costs from the venue, ceremony, foods or even use the event organizer, it is depend on the money you set aside for your wedding in Bali. Much detailed information about the wedding package is so important to get the extravagant wedding you want with affordable price. Social media, website, traveler groups will be a good idea to digging more of your planning. Decide how much your minimum and maximum cost is.

Wedding Venue

Deciding the right venue is an essential task to do. Whether you want to hold your wedding in traditional villa or beach shore, Bali can provide both of them. Choosing the hotel or villa will not be a tough stuff if you browse and consult to some wedding consultant or even other travelers that ever held wedding in Bali. Think about the affectivity and also the option to consult to a wedding planner to start with. Have the ceremony in the venue will be a good choice to hold wedding in Bali. Do not forget to watch out for the rainy season at Bali. Seek the venue during the low season will also save more cost.

Hair, Make Up and Photography

What is more important than make your appearance looks flawless in your special day? The best makeup and hair will put you into the blissful couple for a day. Asking for recommendation is the best way to avoid unwanted accident. For the photographers, the hashtag in social media becomes the trend nowadays. You can create some hashtags and ask the guests to upload it at the Instagram. You can look for every moments and angles on them.

Food and Entertainment

Make a stunning wedding cake or the remarkable food is one of the main things on wedding in Bali. There are a lot of choices for the foodies’ stuffs. You can choose for the Indonesia foods or even Western foods. For the cheaper rate, choose the traditional Indonesian foods. Think about the using of alcohol also to avoid the higher price. While no alcohol involved it will be easier and cheaper to prepare. For entertainment, it is varies from traditional dancer or acoustic singer.

How to Select the Perfect Hotel

Finding a perfect hotel is a dream come true for those who have the plan for vacation. It may be seems simple, but it is exactly one of the most important thing when you want to have a delightful moment of gateway. Basically, find a perfect hotel room means matching your taste with the rooms and service that hotel provide. So what are the points needed to find the best choice for your taste?

Hotel’s rating and Verified Reviews. Hotel rating may be not everything. But put it into consideration will not disappointing. Adjust the rating at several channels like OTAs and Trip Advisor with your standards. Whether a romantic luxurious hotel or budget hotel for backpacker accomodation can be known from their rating or reviews. It is also important to read the trusted reviews since it will give you some important informations to choose the best hotel for you.

Location and Service. You need to make sure what service provided by the hotel and how far is the hotel with your destination or public spots like tourism places, cafes and restaurants. For the service information, hotel’s website will be a big help for the service list you will need during your stay. However, in-person visit and call the properties directly are the best way to make sure that you will get the suitable room as your demand. Explain your wants or ask about every details will lead into their best recommendation.

Pay Attention on Promotion and Deals. Some promotions are available to boost up the hotel sales. Mostly you can know about the promotion and deals by subscribe on the hotel newsletter or browsing. Joining a private deals sometimes will help. The hotel will automatically add some amount of discounts for your reservation. Usually they will also give the offering in package price or even discount information of food and beverage. More saving, more value.

Increasing Hotel Demand in Surabaya

The tourism sector in East Java has increased slightly year by year. According to the annual data from Surabaya Tourism Department, the amount of the foreign tourists that visit Surabaya -the capital city of East Java- has increased more than the department’s target. The growth reach almost twice in 2014 or 189% higher than the amount in 2008. The result of the elevating amount of the tourists has a direct effect on the hotel industry in Surabaya.

As the second largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya has important position as a transport hub for the domestic and international tourists. The strategic location that located along the Java coast and its position as the center of business and economy in East Java also one of the main factor that help the hotel industry elevate greatly. Beside the huge amount of corporations and fast economy development, Surabaya is also a city with easy accessibility for the local and international tourists that want to visit popular tourism spots in East Java such as Malang, Batu or Mount Bromo.

Both of the factors are the key of the hotel growth in Surabaya. Based by the research of HVS Singapore, the acceleration of the city economy growth will stimulate the appearance of new hotel in Surabaya. The hotel development opportunities is dominated by budget and midscale hotel level to accomodate the individual business traveler or leisure. The research from Colliers International in 2014 shows the sum up of all hotels in Surabaya which is the 3 stars hotel in Surabaya has the biggest portion with 53%, outnumbered the 4 stars hotel (29%) and 5 starts hotel (18%). Despite the various numbers of luxurious hotel brand, the opportunities for the budget hotels will hold the better position since the market grows marginally.